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U17 National Youth Football Tournament Event App

U17 Youth Tournament

The Youth Football Development Trust (YFDT) will host the annual U17 Youth Football Tournament next month from the 17th to 19th March 2017 and we designed a mobile app especially for the event. 36 teams will compete over three days at Seddon Fields in Westmere, it’s going to be a hectic few days alright!

The YFDT is focused on promoting development opportunities for budding Kiwi football stars and we are big fans of theirs. The Sports Agency is a huge supporter of grass roots development initiatives such as this, which is why we back this event 100% and put so much effort into the design of the app.

The team lists, pools and rules are all available within the YFDT app to help the event run as smoothly as possible. All the information concerning the event’s partners and special offers can also be found on the app’s homepage, to make it as simple as can be. YFDT’s social media feeds from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will channel straight into the app so that you will never miss out on any of the action, no matter where you are. 

Considering that there are 36 teams involved, it’s safe to say it’s going to be a very busy few days so all the draws and results will be available through the app, to ensure players, coaches and parents are kept in the loop at all times. Fun other features include locations of all the games, more info about what YFDT is all about and individual player profiles. 

The U17 Youth Football Tournament is always a hit with teams and supporters, so don’t forget to download the app before the 17th March so you don’t miss any of the action.



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Sports roundup February 2017

And we’re back for our second instalment of our monthly sports roundup for 2017. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most notable national and international sporting results from February.


The Sydney Roosters surprised everyone and won the 2017 Auckland Nines competition. The Roosters beat the Penrith Panthers at Eden Park earlier this month, narrowly winning 10-8. The warriors failed dismally at the same event, losing all three of their games and subsequently did not progress quarter finals. It was the worst recorded performance in the tournament’s history.

The Silver Ferns dominated Wales during their Northern tour earlier this month. In their opening goal, New Zealand beat them by a massive 65 goals and then wrapped up with a 72-39 win the following day. The team performed brilliantly and maintained their lead at the end of every quarter.

The 54th Halberg Awards were held at Vector Arena in Auckland on February 9th with Lisa Carrington and Mahe Drysdale taking home the two top spots. For a full rundown of the night’s highlights, click here.

New Zealand beat Australia 2-0 to regain the Chappell-Hadlee trophy. The Aussies were expected to win both matches but could not pull through. Ross Taylor scored his sixteenth ODI century, tying with Nathan Astle for the most of any New Zealand cricketer.

But that wasn’t all for cricket. The final women’s Twenty20 match against Australia this month proved very… interesting. New Zealand was first to bat but didn’t play their best, losing four wickets off six balls and ultimately scoring 113. However, the team picked up their act in the second half and managed to get Australia all out for 66 – the nation’s lowest women’s Twenty20 total – and the White Ferns won the series 2-1. A few days later, The Blackcaps played South Africa in their third ODI in Wellington and scored a dismal 112 in 32.2 overs. The Proteas won by 159 runs and lead 2-1 in the series heading into their fourth (playing today at Seddon Park).


The New England Patriots claimed victory at the 2017 Superbowl in what has been dubbed the comeback of the century. The Atlanta Falcons were winning 28-3 with just over a quarter of play time to go but with the help of quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots recovered marvellously to win in overtime 34-28. It is the team’s fifth championship title and this remarkable result is not likely to be forgotten anytime soon. It was the first time in the competitions’ 51-year history that overtime has been required.

New Zealand played a much better at the Sydney Sevens. The team won all three pool matches and ended up top of the pool. We also beat Fiji in the quarter finals in a thrilling and close game (24-21) but then lost to England 12-5. A lacklustre performance from both teams was the result of playing in an oppressive 37-degree heat. We did manage to beat Australia in the bronze medal match and took home third place. Both the gold medal and bronze medal finals interestingly produced the same score: 29-14.

That’s all for now folks, what was your favourite sporting moment from February?

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Social media and sports

Social media has infiltrated all aspects of everyday life, including how we are able to interact with sports. Social media makes sports more accessible for coaches, supporters, administrators, athletes and fans. There are more and more platforms available that let you interact with sports like never before such as specific apps, Snapchat stories, and official sports Twitter accounts. Social media isn’t perfect but today I’ll discuss the strengths and pitfalls of social media and sports.

Social media is a much quicker alternative to receiving sports updates and information. Traditional media lets you read about the game highlights the next morning or watch the best goal of the match on the six o’clock news but social media gives you rapid and reliable information as the action unfolds. Live streaming, tweets and Facebook updates are just some of the ways you can stay up to date with your favourite sports teams.

Another strength of social media is that it offers a great way for athletes to form closer relationships with their fans. Athletes can promote their team’s activities, any upcoming games, keep their audience updated and allow the public to see a more personal side of themselves. The fact that coaches and teams can share content globally and reach a new audience via these platforms is just a bonus. Additionally, the audience can feel connected to their teams, have direct ways of communicating and get more information easily.

Social media is a cost-effective way to get your team or sports organisation out there. At the end of 2016, there were over 1.86 billion active Facebook users and it is free to start a Facebook page, post photos and send updates to your followers. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat are also all free to download and sign up for. Social media platforms can strengthen teams’ brand awareness by making them more prevalent. There are a number of apps directly related to sports and sports businesses that are a budget-friendly way to keep up to speed on your favourite sports teams. From massive international brands such as ESPN to more local ones such as College Sport Auckland, there is a sports app for everyone that can be used every day.

Before you attempt to utilise social media to enhance your sports profile, you must identify who you are trying to reach and what you want to achieve from this form of communication. Once you have realised those two things, the online world is your oyster. Like everything, however, social media can have its pitfalls as well. It is a permanent archive, so when an athlete posts an offensive or tactless status, receives backlash and subsequently deletes it, it’s never really gone. The abundance of screenshotters and hackers means that there will always be a record of what you post online, which is why social media should be used carefully.

It only takes a few thumb movements and an emoji or two to tweet but having unfiltered access to thousands – and sometimes millions – of followers does have its drawbacks. Countless athletes, presenters and even fans have found themselves in hot water due to social media induced faux pas’. Unacceptable behaviour such as crass language or derogatory remarks made on social media accounts are often picked up and broadcasted on traditional media platforms which makes the situation even worse.

There are definitely two sides to the social media coin and although sites such as Facebook and Twitter make it easier for athletes to give followers a glimpse of their day-to-day lives, the ubiquitous nature of social media should always be considered. Social media is a fantastic tool to raise team awareness, grow audiences and connect with supporters, it’s all about how you use it.

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Mobile apps are for every business

Today I’d like to talk to you about mobile apps, their importance and how they can assist your business to grow and stand out from the crowd.

Mobile apps are no longer just for massive multinational corporations. An increasing number of small to midsize businesses are creating and incorporating their own apps as part of their mobile strategy and yours could be next.

According to recent studies, 77% of the world’s population is online and the average user spends approximately two hours every day on their handheld mobile device. Considering that there are more mobile devices in the world than computers and televisions combined, the days of billboard advertising and website banners are on the way out and mobile apps are leading the digital revolution.

Your company needs a tailored mobile app to meet the needs of you and your customers. Apps deliver many different functions all from the palm of your hand. Apps allow your customers to log in, register, find contact information, manage their account, access news feeds, message your company directly and so much more. You can provide your users with access to all this information in one convenient app that can be installed on their mobile device.

The immediacy that apps provide is unlike any other technological platform. Push notifications about special events and promotions can be sent directly to all your users to ensure they never miss a beat. Not to mention, direct communication is more likely to elicit a response from your audience than general mass marketing because it’s personal and comes from their own mobile device.

A mobile app will help to increase your brand awareness. There’s no point having your brand sprawled all over newspapers and at the back of magazines if that’s not where your audience is looking. Apps can function as your own stylish, functional billboard that is available and visible everywhere your customer is. The more often they see your brand – especially in the online environment that they are used to – the more likely they are to engage and get involved with what you are offering.

One of the most beneficial aspects of introducing an app to your business strategy is that it gives your audience a number of ways to reach you. Whether it’s via your social media channels, a list of contact numbers or allowing direct messages to be sent through your app, your consumers will appreciate and utilise the fact that there are different options for them to get in contact.

Although apps are becoming increasingly popular, they are still in their infancy. This means that by taking advantage of this technological development before your competitors, you’ll put yourself ahead of the game and increase the searchability and visibility of your business.

Introducing a mobile app is a way of becoming closer to your audience and can help businesses to be more accessible to their customers at all times. Now that you have been bombarded with all the benefits a mobile app can deliver, what’s next? Get in touch with Chris on 021 222 6959 to discuss what kind of app will best work for you.

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Apps as a communication platform

The growing popularity of smartphones and mobile apps means that organisations have unparalleled access to communicate directly with consumers, as never experienced in human history. Apps appear to be the current craze sweeping the nation and not without reason – they offer a unique way to interact with your audiences and in this post, I will show you all the ways apps can be utilised as an effective communication platform.

But first, here’s a quick introduction to mobile apps in case we have any newbies. Apps are applications that can be downloaded and installed on your smart device, as opposed to traditional websites that are accessed online. Apps tend to be designed with a specific purpose in mind and they can be tailored to meet any unique needs or specifications.

Mobile apps offer a quick and reliable way for users to access information directly from organisations. They are much more secure than a website because they are installed on individual smartphones or tablets instead of an external host website. Apps can be updated very quickly and it’s possible to link up your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into the app so audiences can browse a live social media feed at any time of day.

Mobile apps also encourage ongoing and regular usage. It is much easier for audiences to click on an app on their phone’s home screen than to open a browser, type in the web address, and then search for what they want once they’ve reached the website. The ease of apps encourages users to come back time and time again. According to recent studies, 86% of time users spend on their mobile phones is spent on mobile apps so they’re obviously doing something right.

The engagement levels that apps provide are unlike any other sort of technology that has come before.  Apps provide much more room for personalisation and users are more likely to engage with content that meets their specific needs and wants. Push notifications are also incredibly helpful when it comes to engagement. Push notifications can be a huge advantage for companies, no matter what your business focus is. Whether it’s selling products or keeping the locals updated with sports news, sending messages to your audience has never been easier or faster.

Apps may not be around forever but they are all the hype right now and for a good reason. They can be customised, are easy to use, and deliver fast and reliable communication to your audiences wherever they are. If you’re in the market to create an app, get a hold of Chris on 021 222 6959 and we will work together to create the perfect one to suit you.


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54th Halberg Awards

New Zealand celebrated its biggest night for sport yesterday at Auckland’s Vector Arena and I’m here to fill you in on all the details. 2016 was a massive year for New Zealand sports and the 54th Halberg awards definitely did not disappoint.

Lisa Carrington was undeniably the ‘It Girl’ of the night, claiming the Sportswoman of the year award before being named the Supreme Halberg Award later on in the night. The Tauranga-born canoeist scored a bronze and gold medal at Rio and became the first female Kiwi athlete to win multiple medals at a single Olympics. Carrington was even nominated to carry the New Zealand flag at the closing ceremony for her outstanding results.

Mahe Drysdale was announced as the 2016 Sportsman of the year for his remarkable performance at Rio as well. The five-time World single sculls champion has been nominated for Sportsman of the Year five times since 2007 and is the only New Zealander who has ever won the award more than three times.

Liam Malone was named as the Disabled Sportsperson of the year after having an incredible 2016. Malone earned two golds and a silver medal at the Rio Paralympics in September. Gordon Walker beat the likes of Steve Hansen and Hamish Willcox for the Coach of the Year award while Peter Burling and Blair Tuke claimed victory in the team’s category. The yachting duo’s record-breaking regatta in Rio was enough to win them the award over the undefeated Bond and Murray.

New Zealanders fell in love with Eliza McCartney during the 2016 Olympics in Rio so it was no surprise when she was awarded the Best Sporting Moment. The 20-year-old took home a bronze medal at her first Olympic Games, smashing a height of 4.80m – a career best for the young athlete.

It was an awesome night dedicated to celebrating New Zealand’s top athletes and it proved to be one to remember. Here is a full list of the finalists and winners from the night, huge congratulations to everyone involved.

Supreme Halberg Award winner: Lisa Carrington (canoeing).

Finalists: Mahe Drysdale (rowing), Liam Malone (para-athletics), men’s 49er – Peter Burling and Blair Tuke (yachting).

Sportswoman of the Year: Lisa Carrington (canoeing).

Finalists: Luuka Jones (canoeing), Lydia Ko (golf), Dame Valerie Adams (athletics).

Sportsman of the Year: Mahe Drysdale (rowing).

Finalists: Joseph Parker (boxing), Nick Willis (athletics) Tom Walsh (athletics).

Disabled Sportsperson of the Year: Liam Malone (para-athletics).

Finalists: Anna Grimaldi (para-athletics), Mary Fisher (para-swimming), Sophie Pascoe (para-swimming).

Team of the Year: Men’s 49er – Peter Burling and Blair Tuke (yachting).

Finalists: Men’s pair – Hamish Bond and Eric Murray (rowing), Team Sprint – Eddie Dawkins, Ethan Mitchell and Sam Webster (cycling), Women’s 470 – Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie (yachting).

Coach of the Year: Gordon Walker (canoeing).

Finalists: Hamish Willcox (yachting), Jeremy McColl (athletics), Steve Hansen (rugby).

Favourite Sporting Moment: Eliza McCartney (athletics).

Emerging Talent: Campbell Stewart (cycling).

Finalists: Dylan Schmidt (trampoline), Finn Bilous (snow sports), Maynard Peel (cycling BMX).

Leadership Award: Sophie Pascoe (para-swimming).

Lifetime Achievement Award: Myra Larcombe (swimming).

Hall of Fame inductees: Ruben Wiki (league), Don Jowett (athletics).


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The benefit of apps

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate to the point where every industry has to be practically reinvented every five years. We are currently in the midst of the smartphone era and you can’t seem to walk down the street without seeing anyone and everyone with a smartphone glued to their right palm.

With the growing popularity of smartphones, comes their growing affordances, but not all affordances are made equal. In this article I will discuss how apps can be superior to mobile websites and how they can benefit your company.

Poorly designed websites can cause performance issues, appear cluttered and result in low usability, but apps have the benefit of much more tailoring and customisation options. You can choose everything from the colour palette to the images and we will use your preferences to create an aesthetically pleasing app that’s just right. Excessive scrolling and navigating from webpage to webpage can turn users off quickly and have them become disinterested in your content. Apps, on the other hand, appeal to your audience’s desire to have instant gratification, because with a few swipes and taps of your thumb, they will be able to access news, photos, directories, you name it.

Apps are specifically designed to be used on small handheld devices and users won’t be bombarded with cookies and ads like they are when they use mobile websites. Apps are designed with a specific purpose, ranging from a one-stop shop for a school’s social media to a single sporting event. The task-focused nature of apps can appeal to users who do not want to be distracted by unrelated web junk.

A final point of difference that makes apps superior is the engagement with audiences that they provide.  As helpful as they are, mobile websites simply do not offer the same levels of engagement and productivity that mobile apps do. Mobile apps can be accessed online and offline, tend to be faster to load and enable push notifications. Unlike websites, mobile apps can send notifications to users i.e. there’s a more rapid rate of communication. If a sports game has suddenly been cancelled or an amendment has been made to an event, organisations can update the information in the app and users will be notified of the changes instantly.

Stay tuned for our next article that gives more details about apps as a communication platform but in the meantime, get in touch with Chris on 021 222 6959 if you would like to discuss a digital solution that’s just right for you.

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School Sport Canterbury



We are excited to launch our newest app for School Sport Canterbury. We made it as user-friendly as possible and the sleek red and black design pays homage to our favourite Canterbury sports team.

An extensive list of useful contacts such as national sports organisations and regional sports directors is available in the app google-play-download2as well, making it a bit easier to navigate and contact the 1200 sporting clubs and associations in Christchurch.

There is an abundance of info about School Sport Canterbury, how to contact them, and their policies within reach on the app. Key documents such as risk management plans, their constitution and code of behaviour can all be accessed under the information tab on the home screen.

Draws and results can also be retrieved in the app and are organised by sport, gender and age to make the process as simple as possible for athletes and parents. Whether you’re looking for indoor girls’ football or senior boys’ tennis, everything you need to know is in one place.

All the parks and grounds have been identified on a map of Christchurch and information concerning the grounds’ facilities and parking etc. can all be found under the Locations section. You’ll never end up at the wrong field five minutes before a game again.

Unlike some of our other apps, this one presents users with great deals such as 20% off certain vendors when you show the coupon in the app. When you download this app, you’re not only accessing your sports info quickly and easily but grabbing bargains in the process.

The School Sport Canterbury app is available now for download here for iOS devices and here for Android devices.


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Rangitoto College

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new app for North Shore based Rangitoto College. The free app lets you access the latest school news, manage your sports memberships and browse photos from the latest events, all from the palm of your hand.

It truly is an all-in-one app, with live feeds from Rangitoto’s Facebook and Twitter available within the app itself. It has never been easier to access your sports team’s information or contact the school directly.

There is an events icon on the app homepage that takes you straight to a web page with all the sporting events. The calendar features the name of the event, when the entries close for it, and where the event will take place. All events can be conveniently added to your google calendar with the touch of a button so you’ll never miss another training.

Another handy feature, especially for concerned parents and students running a bit late, is that the app features a complete list of the sport administrators and co-ordinators at Rangitoto College with headshots and phone numbers. Contact information about current staff, coaches and facilities are also available through the app.

The app is the perfect way to stay up to date with all the happenings in Auckland secondary sport because it provides helpful links to other related websites such as College Sport, Athletics Auckland and much, much more.

All our apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices, so what are you waiting for? Click here to download it from The App Store and here to download it from Google Play. rangitoto

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Oceanbridge NZL Sailing Regatta

We have just created an app for the 2017 Oceanbridge NZL Sailing Regatta that is being held early February. The event will take place from 3rd – 6th Feb and the app is your one-stop shop for anything you need to know about this year’s regatta.

The app needed to be functional and stylish so that’s exactly what we delivered. The bold subheadings and categories make it easy to navigate and the clear sailing images throughout the app compliment the fun and vibrant design.

All the information about this year’s host – Murrays Bay Sailing Club – can be found in the app, including a contact number, email and details about the club’s facilities, where to park and suggested accommodation during the three-day event.

This app is definitely a must-have if you are participating in the regatta because it collates all your sailing instructions, online entry information and schedule in one place. You can access the notice of race, entry list and noticeboards from anywhere and everywhere – even while you’re out on the water!

Since sailing is so dependent on the weather, we have made sure to include Auckland tide charts for that week, a live video feed from Mairangi Bay and a direct link to the Metservice Recreational Marine website.

More features include:

–    Facebook, Instagram and Twitter links

–    Regularly updated sports articles

–    Live results once the competition is underway

Download the NZL Sailing Regatta app here for iOS and here for Android and let’s get racing!nzl-sailing

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